GAMEYOO: A Bridge for Traditional and Blockchain Gaming

3 min readMar 16, 2022

What is GameYoo?

GameYoo is building a platform where traditional gamers can come and use their game achievements to mint exclusive NFTs. At the same time, game developers can come and launch their games easily and at a low cost. GameYoo also create a Paas platform, is to help traditional game developers to enter the blockchain game field at a low cost and low technical requirements, without having to care about the obscure technical details of the blockchain, and can quickly transplant new and old games into the blockchain game.

For more info on the project, view the Litepaper here.

Features of GameYoo:

  • Minting NFT: GameYoo runs on Solana, connects all the games you’ve ever played, and provides a platform to mint your own unique NFT that includes all of your in-game achievements. For sure, your NFT can be traded, and the minting process is free.
  • NFT Rewards: The NFT that you mint/create here will give you rewards based on your in-game achievements and NFT level is determined by your rank.
  • Arena: You can battle with other players in game for the rewards placed in the pool, and the winner will be awarded their native token GYC.
  • Marketplace: You can auction and sell your NFT in their marketplace.
  • Countinuous Earning: As long as you mint your NFTs on GameYoo, you will receive sustaining rewards from them for every game you win in the future.


Total GameYoo Supply: 210,000,000

  • Private seed: 5%, 3 months cliff, and linearly vest over 4 months, until it’s finished.
  • Private presale: 12%, 2 months cliff, and linearly vest over 4 months, until it’s finished.
  • Launchpad: 5%, 20% to be released during Token Generation, and 80% will linearly vest over 3 months until it’s finished.
  • Advisors sale: 5%, 3 months cliff and linearly vest of 12 months.
  • Team sale: 5%, 6 months cliff and linearly vest of 36 months.
  • Arena: 5%, 6352.941 GYC produced daily. These tokens will be used for the Arena pool rewards.
  • NFT Staking:12%, 15247.05 GYC produced daily. These tokens will be used for NFT staking rewards.
  • GYC Staking: 15%, 19058.82 GYC produced daily. These tokens will be used for NFT staking rewards.
  • Liquidity mining: 13%, 16517.65 tokens produced daily
  • Marketing and sales: 3%, 3811.76 tokens produced daily
  • The ecosystem: 20%, 25411.76 GYC tokens produced daily

IDO price: 1 GYC= $0.18

Listing price: 1 GYC=TBA

IDO on the 18th March 2022,1630UTC and Listing on the 20th March 2022, 1630UTC. 20% of IDO tokens to be released during Token Generation. Total initial Marketcap to be approximately USD 378,000.

How to Join HOPPY’s IDO?

There are 3 tiers for HOP hodlers to enroll in an IDO (To be contributed via HOPPY pool here)

Whitelisting link:

Important: Please read this post to understand the Pool Contribution process —

Claim GYC Tokens link (TGE) :

Links to GameYoo social media sites:

Telegram Official Chat:
Announcement Channel:


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