2 min readJul 25, 2021


HOPPY Staking Module

You can stake $HOP on our HOPPY Farm platform similar to mining, staking your $HOP to earn $HOP rewards and this is also a prerequisite to participate in the IDO opportunities.

Why Should I stake?

Apart from supporting the security and operations of Hoppy blockchain, the current Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of Staking HOP for HOP rewards is 600%.

Apart from that, stake your coins in Hoppy Farm also enables you to be qualified for HOPPY’s new project offerings via Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs).

How do I start Staking?

Step 1: Head over to HOPPY’s Farm

Step 2: Connect your wallet via Trust Wallet or Metamask:

Choose Smart Chain when login to the HOPPY’s Farm

Step 3: Once on the landing page, you’ll have access to Options to stake HOP. Select the one you’re interested in and input the amount of HOP to stake:

Step 4: Approve the transaction via your connected wallet. To participate in our IDO, you need to stake and lock for 7 days.

Step 5: You’re staking!

Soft Reminder:

  1. Only open HOPPY’s Farm on Trust Wallet and Metamask (Browser), other browsers unable to login.
  2. Investors no need to withdraw and lock after 7 days and just remain at stake and enjoy rewards.
  3. Investors are able to harvest rewards whenever you want but gas fee applied if you harvest and stake daily.
  4. When investors withdraw their tokens then harvest will be included and onlu need to pay 1 time gas fee.
  5. Only staked amount will be counted, if investors may want to participate in IDO.

Buy and Stake NOW!!!