HOPPY — Farm to Earn Update

We are delighted to see that our early investors enjoyed and claimed tons of rewards (~300,000 USD!!!, no kidding it is equivalent to a Lambo) from HOPPY Farm since June until now. As announced before, 600% APR is a limited time offer and the main purpose is to reward HOPPY early investors. And now is the time for revision and move on to next phase.

After some market research, there are not many launchpads giving APR in farm when investors stake to participate IDO. With this, HOPPY wants to stay competitive and remain outstanding from competitors instead of shutting down the farm with 0% APR, APR has been revised to 50%. We believe that this is a more sustainable model for our royal hodlers and less price fluctuation on daily basis.

HOPPY Farm to Earn Revised to 50% APR

Please read carefully on the steps below:

  1. HOPPY will take a snapshot on 17th August 2021, at 0000 UTC from Farm reward pool.
  2. HOPPY will airdrop all the un-harvested HOP rewards to stakers before 17th August 2021, at 2359 UTC.
  3. HOPPY will set the new APR to 50% in HOPPY Farm


Daily Interest Accrued = 10,000 USD (Staked amount) x 0.50 (50% APR) / 365 = 13.7 USD

Special note:

- No change or action needed on existing staked tokens. Same farm will be used for IDO participation.

- Please be reminded that if your harvest rewards less than gas fee, our recommendation is to harvest once per week instead of daily harvest.

- Each stake would trigger one contract and it will lock for 7 days. If you stake multiple times, then you would need to unstake multiple times when you want to leave Farm.




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