Monster Battle: First TCG GameFi

3 min readDec 7, 2021

What is Monster Battle

Monster Battle is a Hearthstone-inspired TCG style GameFi project, aiming to provide users with both an exciting game experience (by inheriting the delicate, intricate complexities in Hearthstone’s game mechanics ) and means to monetize their gaming talents and finesse. We are also dedicated in building other key components of technological infrastructure essential in realizing a true metaverse, including DAO and Defi.

NFT Functions and Features

  • 72 Basic Cards: Cards are divided into monster cards and summoner cards (available mid-game). There will initially be 72 designs of mosters with more to come in the future. Cards are minted in the form of blind boxes where all boxes are the same in all visual aspects. It is unbeknownst to anyone, including us, what will emerge out of the boxes.
  • NFT: There are five elements: Land, Flame, Ocean, Light and Forest. Players can stake different monsters in a total of 5 staking pools. By staking your monster, your summoner will also gain some experience and MBC token for each block produced.
  • PVE & PVP Challenges: Summoners can form a card deck (maximum of 5 cards) in order to participate in PVE & PVP challenges with varying difficulties. Players will be rewarded with a handsome amount of MBCs after each successful challenge. The specific amount varies depending on the difficulty of the challenge.
  • Monster NFT Marketplace: It is a decentralized NFT exchange. Users can freely buy and sell their cards and other items here. All transactions are performed on the BSC.
  • Monster Laboratory: It is our in-house gamefi incubation platform. Through the platform, we will provide third-party developers seeking to enrich Monster Battle’s ecosystem with sufficient support in terms of finance, technological integration and other aspects deemed necessary.


Total Monster Battle Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • IDO Presale: 8%, 30% release during Token Generation and 30% vested in 1 month and remaining 40% vested in second month.
  • Liquidity: 5%, Unlock all at beginning.
  • Team: 8%, Unlock 6.25% at beginning, remaining will be unlocked at a linear pace after 1 month locking period.
  • Airdrop: 2%, certain & unlocked through a period of more than 65 months.
  • DAO: 5%, Unlock 10& per month.
  • Play-To-Earn: 30%, Unlocked at linear pace for a period of 64 months.
  • Private Crowdsale: 10%, 20% release during Token Generation and unlocked at linear pace for a period of 12 months.
  • Staking: 22%, Unlocked at linear pace for a period of 64 months.
  • Seed: 8%, 10% release during Token Generation, Rest vested linearly in 18 months.
  • Advisory Fees: 2%, Locked for 1 month before unlocked at linear pace for a period of 12 months.

IDO price: 1 MBC= $0.008

Listing price: 1 MBC= TBA

Listing on the 10th December2021, Approximately 1500 UTC. 30% of IDO tokens to be released during Token Generation. Total initial Marketcap to be approximately USD 520,000.

How to Join HOPPY’s IDO?

There are 3 tiers for HOP hodlers to enroll in an IDO (To be contributed via HOPPY pool here)

Whitelisting link:

Important: Please read this post to understand the Pool Contribution process —

Links to Monster Battle social media sites:

Telegram Official Chat:


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