MvPad: Metaverse Provider

3 min readJan 12, 2022


What is MvPad?

MvPad will provide a platform to the startups of the Future to raise capital along with providing them a platform to Experiment and grow. The revolutionary new Launchpad MvPad is deflationary in nature & provides the investors with an opportunity for long term wealth creation through staking incentives.

For more info on the project, view the Litepaper here.

Features of MvPad:

  • Guaranteed Allocation: MvPad holders receive a guaranteed allocation for upcoming projects based on their duration and number of token holdings. They also have a lottery round for small investors to give everyone a level playing field.
  • Curated Projects: MvPad team individually vets all prospective projects for the launchpad. Only the best of the best make it to the public.
  • Incubation Service: Exclusive access to our marketing and KOL network. Tokenomics design by Experts and creation of vesting schedule. Valuable industry connections via our advisor and extended network. Smart Contracts design, Audit and development support.
  • Mv Mart — Shopify on Metaverse: They want to Empower the Future’s MetaVerse by giving a platform to digital Artists, creators, gamers alike. They want to be the shopify of Creator-metaverse, where they will provide white-label digital shop for the creators in the metaverse. MvMart will be powered by their governance token MVD. MVD can be used to buy white-label shops from us, also transact/accept payments for the digital assets.
  • Mv Lend for Creators: MvLend ensures a fair playing field for creators with great creativity but lesser reach. With the help of MvLend anyone can creator can start off their dream shop in the metaverse with almost zero upfront cost.
  • Benefits to Holders: The deflationary nature of MVD, redistributes 4% to Holders & another 3% is burned, making MVD scarce with each transaction.
  • Staking Benefits: Locking MVD tokens in the staking contract for longer periods earns higher allocations and staking rewards.


Total MvPad Supply: 300,000,000

  • Seed: 3%, 5% to be released during Token Generation and 9.5% monthly over 10 months.
  • Private Sale: 7%, 5% to be released during Token Generation and 9.5% monthly over 10 months.
  • Public Presale: 26%, 10% to be released during Token Generation and 30% monthly over 3 months.
  • Team: 9.1%, Locked for 12 months and linear release over 24 months.
  • Advisor: 6%, Locked for 12 months and linear release over 12 months.
  • Liquidity: 13%, Locked for 2 years.
  • Staking: 20%, Variable Lock/ Release.
  • Development: 10%, Locked for 1 month and linear release over 1 year.
  • Reserve: 5%, Locked for 1 year and linear release over 24 months.
  • Airdrop: 0.9%, Variable Lock/Release.

IDO price: 1 MVD = $0.0064

Listing price: 1 MVD =$0.0075

Listing on the 26th January 2022. 10% of IDO tokens to be released during Token Generation. Total initial Marketcap to be approximately USD 69,750.

How to Join HOPPY’s IDO?

There are 3 tiers for HOP hodlers to enroll in an IDO (To be contributed via HOPPY pool here)

Whitelisting link:

Important: Please read this post to understand the Pool Contribution process —

Links to MvPad social media sites:

Telegram Official Chat:
Announcement Channel:


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